Our ambassadors are a multi-generational, diverse group of wave riding individuals with more than a 100 years of combined ocean experience. These sages of surfing embrace helmets as part of their practice and have joined our mission to help make water sports safer for everyone.


Born in Bali in the mid-eighties, Astika Oye, grew up on the shores of Sanur Beach. The son of a fisherman, Oye witnessed the beginning of the water sports industry and water tourism developing in Bali while hanging out on the local beaches. 


João De Macedo is one of the world’s best big wave chargers and all-around tube hound. At age 7, his love for the ocean began with bodyboarding the powerful shorebreak of Praia Grande in Sintra, ultimately laying the foundation for Macedo to become one of ,,


One of the godfathers of modern big wave surfing, Gary Linden is still tackling behemoths around the world in his late 60s. Linden—a former President of the Association of Surfing Professionals—founded the Big Wave World Tour in 2009 ,,


Terry Simms was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and started riding waves at age five. He served four years in the US Coast Guard and is a former professional surfer. The ocean water safety and life-saving knowledge gained during his Coast Guard days are still,,


Danny Cortazzo grew up on the beach at Malibu and has dedicated his life to ocean safety. It was on a trip to Australia in his early 20s when Cortazzo first discovered surf helmets. Immediately recognizing the value of head protection, 


Hailing from Oahu’s North Shore, Jamie Sterling grew up with friend and family ties to some of Hawaii’s hottest and most legendary surfers. This early access to top-level surfers (and to some of the best waves on Earth) created a strong foundation for him,